Weston Peick

Weston Peick

"I made my way from the bottom and I'm grindin'" This is the first thing you see when you look on Weston Peick's Instagram and sums up Weston perfectly. In 2013 Peick was arguably one of the most overlooked riders. Since then he has proven to his peers and the motorcross world that he means what he says, and has proven that a privateer can compete with the best of them.

In 2014 Weston finally got a shot with a factory team for the Outdoors, RCH Racing and showed what having factory equipment can do for this high school football player. Weston ended the 2014 Outdoors season in an impressive 7th place overall! For 2015 Weston has finally gotten what he deserves, a ride with a class A team...JGRMX/Toyota/Yamaha. Look for one of the most outspoken and consistent personalities in Pro Motorcross continue to turn heads in today's motocross scene.


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